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Altifarm 400 series

An innovative self-supporting Urban Farming System Grow fresh Fruits,Vegetables,Herbs and Edibles around the year at home.

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Tangerine/Anthracite Grey

White/Pine Green

Lemon/Pine Green

enverdeworld altifarm growlight for indoor use

Grow-Light Pack

This LED based system is preconfigured to easily retrofit any Altifarm and convert it into a productive powerhouse.

Protection Pack for Enverdeworld altifarm

Protection Pack

Easy to install and long-lasting it provides limited protection against snow, hail-storm, sand-storm, freezing temperatures, excessive rain etc. It also keeps pests - birds, fruit bats, rodents etc away.

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Mobility Pack

The Mobility Expansion Pack, brings a set of four wheels to replace the static feet, so that any one could easily relocate the Altifarm without removing the tubs.

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