How to Join the Seed Bomb Squad

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Ready to drop a seed bomb? We’re talking friendly bombs dropped with love on disused properties, bringing them to life and beautifying these urban eyesores. For those who haven’t heard of them—seed bombs are a bunch of seeds in

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Guerrilla gardeners use them for “aerial reforestation,” or for spreading the seeds to grow plants in inaccessible or neglected areas like railways, empty lots, alleys, fenced off roadways, or abandoned private property. You can launch them over a fence, throw them out your car window, or even toss them out the window of a bus. Engage at your own risk…


About three weeks after dropping a seed bomb, the first seedlings work their way into the ground. As they grow into mature plants, more seeds from the seed bomb begin to germinate. Mother nature dictates which seeds germinate at what interval, dependent on the weather conditions.


Seed bombs are like tiny revolutions, and super fun. They hold the power to transform the Earth one little bomb at a time. What was once a wasteland could become an edible garden. That depressing, empty lot you walk by every day might turn into a field of wild flowers. Seed bombs enable you to change the face of the planet in a positive way.Let’s get bombing! Here are ten types of seed bombs that we think are cool.

1. Edible Garden Seed Bomb Kit by VisuaLingual


This kit comes with a recipe booklet and three varieties of seed bombs: herbs, salad greens, and edible flowers.

2. Bloomin Seed Bombs


Bloomin’s seed bombs are made from a mix of annual and perennial wildflower seeds, and come in six varieties, snug in a muslin sack. The seeds are held together with 100% post-consumer/recycled paper.

3. Custom Guerilla Droppings, Native to Your Zipcode

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Okay, so these aren’t the prettiest things in the world, but they are awesome. will send you custom seed bombs (droppings as they call them) based on what will grow best in your zip code. Plus, each pack includes milkweed to attract Monarch butterflies!

4. 100 Colorful Seed Bombs, Wildflower Blend


These colorful bombs by SeedPaperSociety are made with a mix of recycled paper scraps and a hand selected mix of North American wildflower seeds. Each bomb is rolled by hand!

5. Grass Seed Bombs for the Sportsman


The Sportsman’s Guide sells their grass seed bombs by urging us to declare war on our yards! Each bucket comes with 20 bombs made with clay and peat shell that take 3-5 days to germinate.

6. Seed Bomb Slingshot from Home Farmer


Home Farmer made a fun seed bomb kit with kids in mind, including the kid inside all of us. The seed bombs come with a slingshot that can launch 100 feet. The kit has wildflower seeds, but once you’ve got the slingshot, any seed bomb is yours to launch.

7. Monarch Butterfly Seed Balls


A garden of butterflies is enchanting. Why not support a revival of the declining population of Monarch Butterflies while enjoying an enchanted garden? The eight balls included in a burlap sack grow milkweed plants, which Monarch larvae need to survive.

8. Hummingbird & Butterfly Seed Bomb Mixture


DuneCraft has put together seed bombs exclusively to bring magic to your yard in the form of hummingbirds and butterflies.

9. Organic Wildflower Seed Bombs


What a beautiful bomb. Each seed bomb made by Renaissance Botanical contains organic seeds, real flower petals, and dried bits of flora, soil, clay, recycled paper, and bloom food

10. Bee Bombs


Bombs for bees! Amazing. Each box comes with ten seed bombs that have little bees etched into them. There are three regional mixes, so you’re bombs will be optimized for your climate.

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