Grow Light Pack

Gain full productivity, even if you don't have a sun-facing window or balcony, with the Grow Light Expansion Pack. This LED based system is preconfigured to easily retrofit any Altifarm and convert it into a productive powerhouse. Now you can grow your plants in the kitchen or living room and be assured of professional level of productivity and plant growth, with the Grow Light expansion pack.

The LEDs are chosen to impart certain specific wavelengths, which promotes vegetative growth, flowering and germination - a user-operable switch make it easy to make selections. By providing only the exact wavelength to plants, the system is highly power-efficient with minimal operating costs and the included timer takes are of auto-shutoff functions.

Our Grow Light expansion pack units have Ingress Protection for accidental water splash and has fan-less design with efficient heat-dispersion. They have an articulating function to stay close to plants as they grow and have a seem-less aesthetic to blend it with the design of Altifarm.

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ProtectionPack for altifarm

Green House Pack

Protect your precious plants from the the elements using the Greenhouse Expansion pack. Easy to install and long-lasting, it provides limited protection against snow, hail-storm, sand-storm, freezing temperatures, excessive rain etc. It also keeps pests - birds, fruit bats, rodents etc away.

The Greenhouse Expansion pack consists of a rigid transparent roof liner coupled with heavy-duty reinforced Polyethylene sheets with zipper closure on four corners. It encapsulates the whole product and lets in sunlight and air. To access plants, the front door could be rolled up and attached to the roof liner using Velcro patches.

You could go on for a holiday be rest assured that your plants are thriving, by leaving Altifarm in balcony or patio, along with the Greenhouse Expansion Pack.

Mobility Pack

Open up new possibilities by installing the Mobility pack. Move your Altifarm around the house. Or move it to your balcony when there is sun.

The Mobility Expansion Pack, brings a set of four wheels to replace the static feet, so that any one could easily relocate the Altifarm without removing the tubs. The concealed wheels are heavy-duty steel/Teflon balls, covered by a grippy textured cylinder. Upon positioning, just turn the cylinder to lock the position to prevent undesired movement.

Also, the Mobility pack comes with a unique leveling mechanism, to position Altifarm in uneven or slightly sloping surfaces, so that the self-watering system works flawlessly.

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